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About us

Family owned and operated nursery since 2019. is a family owned and operated online garden center established in 2019, located in Mississauga Ontario.

Why Choose

Affordable prices - Not only do we grow some of our listed plants, but we also order direct from some of the top nursery growers in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and the United States.

Convenience and Service - We'll delivery your order right to your door. In some cases, even to the back yard. No messing up your car. We'll get your order to your home quickly and safely.

Quality Plants - with 30 years of growing, horticulture, and sales experience, We will only select the best of the best of plant material. Myself or my manager inspect every order before leaving for delivery. Our family owned business aims to provide great value and service to our customers, and promoting a fair and mutual relationship that has customers coming back for years. We hope you will consider purchasing our plants from our small business over a big-boxed store. Thank you for supporting small business!

Planting Instructions

Planting for Success

Before You Dig

Contact Ontario One Call to locate your power, gas lines, and other underground utilities. 1-800-400-2255 or online at

Choose the Location you want to plant in.

Choose Your Plant based on the environmental conditions of your location.

1. Dig a Hole

Potted Plants: Dig your hole the depth of the pot if in good soil conditions and 1-2 times wider than the diameter of the root ball.

TIP: To prevent settling, be sure soil beneath root ball is undisturbed or has been compacted.

2. Before You Plant

Measure Your Hole to ensure the plant will be level with the final grade.

If Your Hole is Too Deep, back fill with high-quality soil and tap down.

3. Time to Plant

Prepare Your Plant: Gently squeeze your pot to help remove the root ball from the pot. Make sure there are no circulating roots. Gently massage the roots to allow them to root faster.

Place Your Plant in the hole: Position your plant to make sure it is straight and level with final grade.

Back fill the first half of the hole with a high-quality topsoil or a good compost and tap down. Continue to back fill the remainder of the hole and tap down until level with final grade.

4. After Planting

Water the plant thoroughly, this will let the soil settle and the air to bubble out. You may need to top up your soil and tap down again.

Fertilize with a plant starter fertilizer; with a high middle number (ex: 10-52-10) at this time. Follow the package instructions.

Mulch Your Plant after soil has settled level with final grade to increase the moisture retaining capacity of the soil.

TIP: If the plant becomes too wet, rake the mulch off the root ball to allow it to dry out faster. Never put filter fabric directly over a root ball.

Watering Tips

No Two Plants are the Same. How much water your plant needs will vary based on the type of plant, size of plant, weather conditions, location, etc. Your plant will wilt if it is too wet or too dry, so it is important to check the soil before watering.

Newly Planted Plants benefit from deep soaking during the first year to encourage deep root production: Turn the hose on low, place it close to the base of the plant and allow water to soak into the root area over an extended period of time. Let the surface dry completely before watering again.

To Determine Your Plant’s Water Needs, carefully check the moisture level up to 12 in. down, just outside the root ball. If the soil is crumbly, it is time to water. If it feels wet and muddy, give your plant more time to dry out before watering again.